Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories

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For the last 18 months, we have been helping children drift off to sleep by providing content for the App Moshi Twilight.

These soothing sleep stories, set to music have received rave reviews from delighted parents around the world, and continues to grow. This is an ongoing project, with new stories updated weekly.

Norman Picklestripes Forthcoming 52-Part NBC KIDS Series


Coming Soon! Over the past year we have been busy writing music for Norman Picklestripes, a forthcoming Universal Kids production.

Written by American screenwriters Alex Rockwell and Emmy-winning Judy Rothman Rofé, the series features Norman, the superintendent of the forest, fixing the problems of its highly eccentric characters with a touch of magic and can-do attitude.

Set to debut in 2019 on the Universal Kids Channel.

Best Music Award for Danger Mouse


We’re delighted to announce that We’ve won the Best Music Award at this year’s Irish Animation Awards for the Danger Mouse ice-themed musical episode entitled “Melted”.

The double-length special episode features singing from the whole DM cast, including Morwena Banks (Pink Dawn), Stephen Fry (as Colonel K), Alexander Armstrong (as Danger Mouse) and Kevin Eldon (as Penfold).

Manor Xmas 2018

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For the second year running we were asked to score the Manor xmas campaign. This year’s story is about a little Elf’s journey from the store to under the Xmas tree, and has had over 10,000,000 plays on Youtube to date.

Watch the full film here:

Bitz & Bob Title Theme

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We were asked to write an upbeat, energetic theme for the groundbreaking new CBeebies animated series Bitz & Bob, a comedy adventure with a twist: it combines funny and inventive stories with key principles of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

The show follows the animated antics of inventor and creator eight-year-old Bitz and her younger brother Bob and is designed to fascinate, entertain and encourage pre-school viewers to get creative and involved in crafting, engineering, experiments and exploration.

Listen here:

L'or Global TVC

Very proud of this one! working closely with fellow composers Ellie Wyatt and Alex Ball, and vocalist Samantha Dixon, we developed a sound for L'or globally, including a full 2 minute version which is being used across all communication platforms. 

LV= Summer 2016 TVC

For the last 5 years, we have provided music for LV's TV campaigns. re-working the instantly recognisable "Have Love, will travel". This Summer we went Ska!  Guest vocals provided by the talented Dale Shockness.

Burger King France - Whopper Blackout

This very witty, spoof documentary was produced for the Re-launch of Burger King in France. We were asked to provide a suitably over-the-top dramatic score to accompany the film.

Ritz Paris "Behind The Door" film by Zoe Cassavetes

Ropeysound were asked to score this beautiful short film by Zoe Cassavetes for the re-opening of the Ritz Paris hotel. Incorporating and reworking the original "putting on the Ritz" theme throughout and navigating several mood changes was no easy task!

ERDF Départ Imminent

We were asked to score two films for French energy company ERDF. The music needed to work over several different edits, and support the emotional story of the films.

Nike Greece "Just Do It"

We were delighted to be asked to provide the music for this Nike Greece TVC, providing a tense, explosive soundtrack for the picture.

Vacheron Constantin - Overseas

An elegant, powerful track was required to score this short film for Vacheron, reflecting the Brand's values.

Ray Ban Havana

We were asked to produce a pacey, latin-fuelled track for this lovely Ray Ban animation...

Not on the Highstreet Xmas Ad

We've just finished delivering some Xmas magic for Not on the Ropeysound were commissioned to score this festive TVC which will be hitting your screens soon!

Danger Mouse tops the ratings on CBCC!

Danger Mouse has attracted 2.4 million viewers so far, and is the best performing new kid's show of 2015 for children aged 6-12 and 4-15.  We're delighted to be involved in this fantastic series, and continue to provide the score and theme tune for the show.

Read the full article here.

LV= Sponsors Jekyll and Hyde. Music by Ropeysound

ITV's new drama Jekyll and Hyde hits the TV this week. Ropeysound provided the music for the LV= Sponsorship bumpers. The track, a vintage cover of Richard Berry's "Have love, will travel" appears in various formats throughout the show.

TVC for Ikea France

Another successful collaboration with Phillipa Alexander and Alex Hay.  We were asked to provide  music for Ikea France