Growing up on the south coast, Sanj Sen was immersed in a diverse mix of attitudes, culture and music. From an early age he was recording and mixing anything from hip-hop to straight-up rock often merging styles and influences to create a very personal and eclectic approach to making music. Signed to BMG at the tender age of 17 producing dance records for the U.S., a move to Brighton found him recording and releasing more records throughout the UK and Europe. 

This led to his first solo album release under the name Indian Ropeman for Skint records. Extensive touring (including a 3 week Fun Loving Criminals support) gave Sen the opportunity to hone his skills as a live player as well as a studio based producer and arranger. During this time Skint Records saw the possibilities of Sen’s talents and made him their in house engineer/producer to work with such acts as The Lo-Fi Allstars, Midfield General and The Space Raiders, whilst remixing for China, Beggars banquet, Sony, and EMI.

A natural progression into production and composition followed, and Sen's work has included the Assassins Creed Black Flag Trailer, BBC Commonwealth games titles, several BBC idents, a Dr. Who cinematic trailer, and TVCs for many Brands including Nike, Rolex, Virgin Holidays, Liverpool Victoria, Armani, Boss, Mars, Evian, Nivea, Citreon, & Peugeot. In 2012-13 Sanj was Mind Candy’s goto producer for the hugely successful Moshi Monsters children’s brand. This lead to a Gold selling album, feature-length film, and several other spin-offs . 

Late 2014 saw him commissioned to bring the legendary Dangermouse back to life in a new 52 part series for CBCC. For 2015, commissions for CBBC series such as “A long, long crime ago” and “All over the work place”. Into 2016, and Dangermouse is back for a further series,  whilst working with brands such as Ritz Paris, L’or, Ikea and Burger King. During this time Sen has also provided additional music to the feature films “Lolo”, “West Coast”, and “L'Odyssée”

Overall, this wealth of experience has spawned a producer, a songwriter and a musician with a broad understanding of both modern and classic techniques involved in making music for the 21st Century.